How to Tie a Scarf Like a Parisienne?

Jul 6, 2014
It is a world known fact that "French do it better". I mean that French do just about everything — eat, dress, raise their children, do their hair — better than anyone else! 

That is why I am constantly "pinteresting" inspiration for myself and trying to incorporate at least a bit into my wardrobe, lifestyle and even posture...

Recently I cam acroos and article in "How to Tie a Scarf Like a Parisienne?" Isn't this genius? I just can't wait for fall to come and try this!

The Half JALFolds the scarf in half diagonally, places the triangle in front, and bring the ends forward. "The half JAL” comes from the way flight attendants tied their scarves on Japan Airlines.

The ’80s MontanaThis braided belt, which takes its name from the big-in-the-eighties French designer, is the ideal accessory for high-waisted pants.

The DianaUsing big scarf, create a cross-body look whose origin is a Zandra Rhodes dress worn by Princess Di in the ’80s.



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